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The Covert Narcissist
Covert narcissists are the quiet narcissists.  They are not grandiose, wearing expensive clothes, driving flashy cars, wanting widespread public attention[...]
Narcissism and Relationships
Have you ever been explaining something to a friend, husband, partner or co-worker and you feel like you are not[...]
Finding Your Way After Loss
My goal is to help you find your path after loss. I have experienced loss of my Father, close uncle[...]
My Story of Divorce
“I’m leaving.” My husband said boldly with his suitcase in hand. I was in the kitchen getting a nighttime snack[...]
Take My Survive or Thrive Quiz
Sometimes we are so deep in our depression that we really don't know if we need help or if we're[...]
Coming Soon!
Hi ladies, I help divorced women regain their confidence and thrive after leaving a toxic relationship. Through personal coaching programs,[...]

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